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I think all great of acts are amalgams of a definite path and an unknown possibilities.

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Making visual Art with GANs

TitleWeek two2021-02-18 02:31
Writer Level 10


I think I totally got lost even if I rewatched the video, because no matter how much I look for the V1 in the code snippets I can never find the tenserflow and it just got me stuck on the first part...

This is the screen shot of the demo recording

This is the screen shot of my computer screen and as you can see I cannot find the v1 or the tenserflow code...

But then I realised that I spelled tensorflow wrong and got it to work!

This is when I make the iter_n to 10

and then to 20

and then 30

Then to 40

And now 50

It looks really trippy but at the same time cool.

I wonder why its called deep dream.


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