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Intro to Computational Media

TitleWeek 52020-10-19 18:31
Writer Level 10

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I have tried to make the portrait of me to devide into lines with functions  but i'm getting an error message saying ...


The idea this week is to explore reorganizing / refactoring your code. It is 100% legitimate to turn in a version of a previous assignment where nothing changes for the end user, but the code has been restructured. You may, however, choose to try a new experiment from scratch. Aim to keep setup() and draw() as clean as possible, and do everything (all calculations, drawing, etc.) in functions that you create yourself. Possibilities (choose one or more):


  • Break code out of setup() and draw() into functions.
  • Use a function to draw a complex design multiple times with different parameters.
  • Reorganize "groups of variables" into objects (see Video 2.3 mentioned above).
  • If you are feeling ambitious, try embedding a function into an object.
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