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Intro to Physical Computing

TitleWeek one2020-09-11 06:30
Writer Level 10
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I have  tried  to Use a potentiometer to move the servo motors and the result was successful but the servo motor keeps twitching and I'm not sure if it's because of the bad servomotors or something to do with my code..

The question I have from the reading is what/how do we use diodes in real life? 

The question that I have for this project is, Is there such thing as a push motors? Motor that pushes instead of spinning. 

Setting Up on an arduino

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I have tried to get a breadboard but I hasn't arrived yet so I put the pins on the Arduino directly

It was little bit confusing to see what kind of wire is which on the potentiometer and the servo motors


For the second project I wanted to control the LED with a potentiometer So I have Tried to do it without the resistor and Blow up one LED but after few try I have made it work!

Setting it up on a Breadboard


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