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Intro to Physical Computing

TitleGroup Project!!2020-09-25 05:18
Writer Level 10


In chatting with my group, it appears as though we're all entirely energized at making an instrument that works with sound and light or the like. Something that hands one over to the next. 

I specifically am keen on a working with a proximity sensor. The bad adaptation of the thought is to make a type of hand theremin. I need to have 3 different LEDS (one for each shade of light) and afterward to control their proximity with closeness of the hand. Each channel would be constrained by a button or a switch or something and afterward the closeness sensor would be planned to it. I need to utilize a cloudy plastic of sorts to diffuse the light and ideally make one pleasant mixed shading. 

The thought is entirely unpleasant still, yet I think the initial step is concocting a type of evidence of idea. I'd prefer to get the sensor ready for action and guide that to certain LEDs with buttons first.



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