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I think all great of acts are amalgams of a definite path and an unknown possibilities.

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TitleFInal Project ideas2021-04-07 11:17
Writer Level 10

For final project for Nothing creating illusions ANdrew Lazarow said we should be coming up with possible topics, and compiling image research you find interesting. Then everybody will present quickly, individually, on Wednesday. That way when we create groups for the final it can be driven by conversations about concepts and aesthetic approaches. 

So In this blog post I will be writing my ideas.

My ideas of creating a Nothing: creating illustrations is Asian hate crimes 

In this video Daniel Dae Kim says that we count as a small minority so we does not matter

However we are the fastest growing community so why would be counted and treated as nothing?

Asian Americans are considered statistically insignificant statistically insignificant spell if you listening to me here by virtue of your own elections are more familiar with the intricacies appalling and I am so undoubtedly you already know what this means it's instantly insignificant literally means we don't matter??


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