Minjun Kim

I think all great of acts are amalgams of a definite path and an unknown possibilities.

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Magenta is not a color, it’s an illusion

30″ x 60″

Magenta is an extra-spectral colour, meaning that it is not a hue associated with monochromatic visible light. Magenta is associated with perception of spectral power distributions concentrated mostly in longer wavelength reddish components and shorter wavelength blueish components.
This brush stroke painting is predicted and strategic as opposed to what is aleatory or accidental. I see my paintings are great of acts are amalgams of a definite path and an unknown possibilities or often how something as an experience becomes comprehensible or what’s the nature of an appearance or an event and how does it hold our attention
piece that I did with the imagery combined essentially a form of narrative. In this painting essentially there’s no actual pigment, There are particles of mica or their makeup plates, which they are cut in certain angles that allow certain light waves to be released. The case of blue, red, or violet. So effectively you are painting with a transparent substance, which is basically letting us read light as a wavelength.