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I think all great of acts are amalgams of a definite path and an unknown possibilities.

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Video and Sound

TitleFirst Assignment2020-09-07 22:22
Writer Level 10
AttachmentFirst day or Class_mixdown.mp3 (1.18MB)

Watch The Danger of a Single Story

I agree with that a single story makes stereotypes.
Knowing that the stories that we know from a person or a culture is just one single story is energizing and miserable simultaneously to realize.because only one story will make narrow our sight we don't really get a chance to open our ears to anecdotes  story about the one sided story, but with time there is a unknown and  unique side of the story that we find however never realized it would exist. I was fortunate that I came to the Bay area where there are a lot of "my people" but I will still hear so much of one  single story that makes my sight narrow.

Stories matter.

Many stories matter,

Stories have been used
to dispossess and to malign,

but stories can also be used
to empower and to humanize.

Stories can break the dignity of a people,

but stories can also repair
that broken dignity.

In order to listen download the file 
First Assignment was to create a narrative space so I have created my room for the first day of the class because I had to wake up really early and was very nervous about the first class.

It was interesting and fun to do a sound work because I have never done a sound work I have only done visual works


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