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Video and Sound

TitleVideo and Sound Project 1: Colliding spaces 2020-09-19 00:03
Writer Level 10
Video and Sound Project 1

Name of the work : Colliding spaces 

For today's project meeting we talked about what kind of theme that we will make the soundwalk in?

SInce Bei is in Beijing and I (Minjun ) is in California we thought about what if we collide two spaces that we live in?

First we thought about where we could start from?

We decided to start from the sounds of our room/house and then expand it to the cities that we live in and the sound of ITP/or NYC for the middle point.

Since we are using Unity to do a soundwalk we thought that we needed a visuals so after Bei and I have discussed few ideas we have came with a idea of embedding an Google map photo of our cities and put it on the floor so we can let the audience to experience the sense of locations also it would be possible to know the sense of location with a landmark so we decided to put a landmark and embed the sound onto the object.

Things to think about; where do we let the user start from?
My point of view or Bei’s point of view?

Final product 



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