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TitleThe Story of Ugly Duckling2020-09-30 14:54
Writer Level 10


 The Story of Ugly Duckling
 Ugly duckling was borned different. Because of its differences, it was ridiculed and felt unloved.
Ugly duckling thus went on a journey in search of love and belonging.
When we hear the story of ugly duckling, it's often emphasized that the ugly duckling eventually turns into the most beautiful bird - a swan,
which gained him admirations from everyone else. In real life, the journey of finding one's identity and belongings don't necessarily reflect in looks or others' opinions.
In our version of Ugly Duckling, we want to keep the emotional core of finding one's belonging, while defying the turning beautiful narrative.
Our duckling will not change its appearance. Ever. It takes the form of a rubber duck.  
 A rubber duck was accidentally made to look different than everyone else. As it went through the factory line,
sits on the shelf of a toy store, brought to a home, and floats in the ocean, the ugly duck searches for its sense of belonging.
The story can end in any one of the scenes; as a rubber duck never grows out of its appearance,
the ugly duckling can only find its place where it feels happy about itself, despite the noises and loneliness of the world.
The scenes are built in Unity, where the player can choose to explore the interactive elements & sounds in a place, or move on to a different scene.



        Scene: factory                                                         Scene: toy store                                                Scene: home                                                    Scene: the sea

         In a linear fashion, the player goes through           Some toys are surrounded by laughter            Brought into a home along with a pack             The rubber duck, like so many other 

         a noisy production line along with thousands of     and admiration, some sits silent in the            of "normal" looking ducks, the ugly                   pieces of plastic, was washed to the 

         rubber ducks. The player can see themselves      dark corner. The player can discover               duckling can hear their murmurs                       sea. There isn't nearly as much noise 

         in the reflection of metal pieces.                            their appearance by looking into a                  when it tries to approach them.                          or judging, but it's also very lonely.

                                                                                       mirror in the scene.



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