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Video and Sound

TitleSound Assets to Final project 2020-10-27 14:51
Writer Level 10

Final Project Unity Video

Since we had problem uploading it to simmer.io we took a screen recording of the unity video

For our final project Wendy and I found more sound for ungly duckling

Simplified, linear story

Click the links to listen tot he sounds

  1. The ducks go through a conveyor belt, where they start from the factory to the toy store and to the sea
Visual Assets

Ugly Duckling Storyboard + Assets


To show that the ugly duckling is unwelcome by other rubber ducks and toys in the store, I collected angry animal sounds that are triggered when the ugly duckling approaches them:

Angry hissing goose

Angry sugar glider

angry hedgehog

Angry Squirrel

ANGRY CATS HISS AND GROWL! Compilation (2017)

Other sounds:

Industrial factory working by dersinnsspace

rubber duck small 2 by ermfilm

Ocean by a pier.wav by RobinDavidsen

Waves at Baltic Sea shore.wav by pulswelle


Timeline - Unity Learn


Aura - Volumetric Lighting | Particles/Effects | Unity Asset Store



Thank you Gabe and Wendy

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