Minjun Kim

I think all great of acts are amalgams of a definite path and an unknown possibilities.

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I think all great acts are amalgams of definite pathways and unknown possibilities.


Minjun Kim is an interdisciplinary artist whose interactive mechanisms/sculptures/devices challenge free will of the social, tactile illusion and kinesthetic processes associated with the evolution of science and technology. What I mean by interpersonal connections life experiences is that I try to make the viewer experiences beyond- human experiences. Such as transferring human senses to different part of our body parts so when I make my artwork I try to think about how to transcendence from being an human so we can feel something unusual from being an human Through socially interactive art, Kim offers generative critiques of technology. 

An example of this can be found in his work Haptic Gloves, which is envisioned to deliver the other body parts senses onto different body parts in order to provide experiences as a way to reflect upon advancements in Virtual reality experience. Kim approaches the idea of haptic devices to perform empathetic acts such as understanding the telecommunication of the senses and technology as an alternative to interpersonal connections informed by life experiences