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Intro to Computational Media

TitleFinal project ideas for "The Genesis"2020-11-20 01:45
Writer Level 10

Idea of the project

For the final project I'm working with ZIxun to create a visuallization of the Bigbang that is a sound reactive sketch

with the MP3 file of the Bigbang by American physics professor John Cramer.

We are trying to use posenet to manipulate the visuals with the pan and the volume of the sound with few diffrent poses raising both hands is one of the poses


We have used the sound of Bigbang, according to the person who posted this sound file they said "This recording of the sound of the Big Bang was created by

physicist John G. Cramer from the University of Washington. Mr. Cramer took the measurement data of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

from ESA's Planck space telescope and converted the energy frequencies into audible sound. He multiplied it by 10^26 so we could hear it.

The 100-second recording represents the sound from about 380,000 years after the Big Bang until about 760,000 years after the Big Bang."



We were really inspired by Che-yu Wu's Prosessing sketch so we have indeded the artists code and modified into our sketch 

the problem that we had was that the sketch was too big and couldn't run the sketch fast since we were using posnet and another graphic that we made in the sketch