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Intro to Physical Computing

TitleProject 22020-11-09 14:20
Writer Level 10

Project 2

From last class, Bowei and I got many feedbacks on how to make this project to visually looks more interesting. And I took a few of approachable feedbacks, and executed some modification and optimization.

The first thing that we optimization is to reduce the amount of particles, and add 2 more Perlin noise spaces with various noise speed. And use the new Perlin noise vector space as acceleration guide for 2 different size particles. By doing that, not only we wish to eliminate the unnecessary particles which were overlapping in the previous version; but also the particles in different sizes could generate an illusionary depth. To enhance that, I changed the color changing loop algorithm. Figure 1 shows the optimized particle field in its default state. (no incoming data from accelerometer)

Figure 1. Particle System without Serial Communication from Arduino


This optimization speeds up the program, and created a lot more interesting visual effects compared to merely adding more new particles. In addition, it is much easier to actually create a 3D Perlin space and use a fourth dimension as its time to retrieve the vector value of each chunk of the space. On the physical side, Minjun and I talked about a setup I saw when I was in a club at Halloween, and both agreed it is cool and we could break this setup down into a LED panel, a digital output which we already have, and a glove controller with some performative elements. Video 1 is a short clip of that.

Video 1. DJ and LEDs

I was working on the LED panel, and Bowei was trying to use ADPS-9960 with its RGB detecting function to work, so that the colors of my particles could change along with the environment. 


I made the LED Panel that mimics the code with HC-SR04 the closer an object gets the faster the particles move.


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